Hi-Tech Medical College students’ answer sheets disappear

Rourkela: The answer sheets of as many as 62 2nd year students of the Hi-Tech Medical college in Rourkela have allegedly disappeared. According to sources, 153 answer sheets of VIMSAR and 100 answer sheets of Hi-Tech Medical College were sent for evaluation to Sambalpur University, which had conducted the examination.

Subsequently, these sheets were sent to two evaluators by the Sambalpur University. However, 62 less answer sheets of Pharmacology were received from one of the evaluators.

In the meantime, the students have blamed the University for the disappearance of answer sheets.   On the other hand, University authorities have launched an investigation into the matter.

“It is the negligence on the part of Samabalpur University authorities. We want to know why our results are not being published. We can breathe easily if we are informed when our results will be published,” said a student Abhishek Patnaik.

“Immediately we are sending a letter to the University asking why our results have not been published,” said Tirupati Panigrahi of Hi-Tech College.

“There were 253 answer sheets each for the two branches of Pharmacology which we sent to two evaluators.  While we received all the marks form one evaluator, we didn’t receive marks of 62 answer sheets from the other evaluator. We will immediately send a letter to them to inform how many answer sheets they received and evaluated,” said examination controller of the Sambalpur University Sishir Kumar Swain.