Heat wave to intensify further today

Bhubaneswar: Odisha will continue to swelter as heat wave conditions are likely to continue at least for the next five to six days without any significant drop in temperatures.

During this time, the mercury is likely to stay above 40 degrees centigrade. As there are no clouds over Odisha, there are very slim chances of rain.

“The temperatures are likely to remain as they were yesterday. There is an increased likelihood that more places will record temperatures above 40 degree as compared to yesterday. Moreover, the wind speed from south western side has also increased which will cause a further rise in temperatures. Coastal Odisha will experience a bigger rise in temperature as compared to interior parts,” said regional Met department director Sarat Sahu.

“There are also no chances of rain as the humidity, which is around 34%, is not supportive. We might see some cloud formation and winds but the amount of rain will be minuscule. Our model suggests these tendencies are likely to stay for 10 more days,” added Sahu.