Frequent power cuts add to summer woes in Angul

Angul: With the scorching summer heat at its peak, frequent unscheduled power cuts and low voltage, especially around midnight and in the wee hours have left the residents of Pallahara in Angul district lose their cool.

The simmering heat of the month of May and the long power cuts has pushed people of 240 villages under Pallahara sub-division here in dismay who cannot even step outside in the day time due to the intense heat wave conditions.

With the absence of electricity, kerosene lamps have now become a medium of light during night time in the villages of Pallahara from the last two months.

Perturbed over the frequent power outages, the residents of Pallahara, on the hand have threatened to stage protest if such problems persists.

A local of Pallahara, Pradip Kumar Pradhan explaining his anguish over the power disruptions said, “We have been facing the problem from the last one month. With the blistering heat, erratic power cuts and voltage fluctuations have made our lives miserable. If power comes for an hour, it goes for the next five hours and the condition is the worst during night.”

The locals alleged that though there are three grids to supply electricity to Pallahara, the electric poles and wires have not been maintained over a long period despite sanction of funds resulting in the power cut woes.

“There are three lines of power supply here- Barkote- Pallahara, Rengali- Pallahara, Chaimpa- Pallahara but still we have to face the power cuts. The electricity poles which were set up in 1973 have not been maintained by the department,” alleged Chittaranjan Pradhan, another local resident.

At present, the power lines pass through forest to the rural areas of Pallahara. During Nor’westers, trees get rooted up and insulator bursts leading to interruption in power supply, said officials of electricity department.

“In order to avoid mishaps, we cut the power supply during thunderstorms. While for repairing the damaged lines and subsequent tests, we have to stop power supply, informed Akshay Kumar Sahoo, Pallahara SDPO.