For these Anglo-Indians, Odisha favourite spot to usher in New Year

Bhubaneswar: Anglo-Indian families from Jatni keep one particular resolution every year prior to making some new ones on the New Year. Spread over places like America, England, Germany and the Netherlands, the end of the year is a time when they find a common ground in Odisha.

Before Independence, some Anglo-Indian Railway employees relocated to Jatni in Odisha; while some stayed here others settled abroad. But every year-end they make it a point to cover thousands of miles to congregate at Jatni to celebrate Zero Night and usher in the New Year.

Without exception, these families were in Jatni this year as well for their New Year celebrations and assembled at the town hall to welcome 2018 aimd music, dance, campfire and fireworks.

“All our family members irrespective of where they are staying, whether in the US, UK, or Australia, assemble here to celebrate the New Year here,” said Stephen Raden.

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Friends and families meet at one place and we celebrate the New Year with music and dance, said Elbira Rodbigs.

“Nowadays, we have phones, WhatsApp, Facebook et al, but nothing can beat the experience of being together at one place physically. We always want to start the New Year being together,” said president of Anglo-Indian Society, Bhubaneswar, Sean Rodrigues.