Elephant herd wreaks havoc in Bonai

Sundergarh: Residents of Bandhabhuin village near Bonai forest area of Sundergarh district are spending sleepless nights as a herd of elephants is wreaking havoc in the area for the last couple of days.

According to sources, the elephants have destroyed crops cultivated on several acres land. The villagers alleged that even after the pachyderms have been destroying standing crops, the forest officials are sitting idle without taking any steps.

“A herd of 20-25 elephants are entering into the agriculture fields in the evening and destroying standing crops for the last two days. We tried to drive them away but in vain,” said Jagabandhu Kisan, a farmer.

On the other hand, the Bonai Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) said the affected farmers would soon be given compensation after an inquiry and steps would also be taken to drive away the pachyderms.

“Forest Range Officer and forest guards have already visited the area and estimated the loss caused by elephants in Bandhabhuin village. We will immediately process the estimates and give compensation to the affected farmers,” said DFO Sudhansu Sekhar Khara.