Dozen people injured in attack by monkeys

Kendrapara: A horde of rogue monkeys have let loose a reign of terror in at least three villages of Kendrapara district in Odisha with reports of a dozen people including children being injured.

The people from Derabish area of Kendrapara district today informed the administration of the simian nuisance. Around a dozen of locals have been injured in attack by monkeys since Tuesday.

As the Forest department has the expertise to contain such animal nuisance, we are seeking their help to drive the animals away from places of human habitations, said Kendrapara Additional District Magistrate, Dhananjay Swain.

Monkeys have triggered panic in the localities.

Residents are scared a lot. In some places, the animals have attacked people. We have asked the Forest personnel for early end of the simian nuisance, he said.

Simian nuisance has assumed alarming proportions in Khamalo, Bisuka and Karimula villages under Derabish police station area. The rowdy animals are on rampage making life hell for villagers. It s mostly children and elderly people who figure in the hit-list of these itinerant animals. The administration should take steps to drive the animals away, said a local resident, Abani Ranjan Nayak.

Simian menace has emerged as a major headache for administrative authorities. Every month, officials are dealing with complaints of rowdy monkeys letting loose vandalism sprees in both urban and rural areas, said officials.

“Children are feeling unsafe while going to school.

Parents and guardians are escorting them to school. Danger of animals attack lurks by any form of outdoor movement”, said another local Shibashis Mohanty.

The monkey menace is seen everywhere right from places of worship, schools to village markets. The animals snatch away eatables, fruits and vegetables, narrated the villagers.