Devotees throng Sarala shirne to get glimpse of Balabhadra ‘daru’

Bhubaneswar: After cutting of Sudarshan daru the attention has now shifted to Goddess Sarala shirne, the location of Lord Balabhadra daru.

Soon after the announcement of the location of Lord Balabhadra daru, devotees made a beeline to get a glimpse of the daru, or the neem tree which will be used to carve the idol of lord Balabhadra.

Devotion and worship has filled the air at Goddess Sarala shrine at Jhankada Sarala. Though the Sarala shrine is one of the most visited religious spots, the number of visitors is constantly rising.

In the meantime, all the preparations are in full swing for the felling of the tree for the idol of Lord Balabhadra. The area in and around the daru is being cleared ahead of the cutting of the tree.

The place around the tree has been barricaded and all the shops and establishments have been evicted. The construction of Sabarpalli to accommodate servitors and the yajna mandap will be completed by tomorrow.