Devotees brave hot sun as Lingaraj’s ‘Rukuna Rath’ rolls in city

Bhubaneswar: The Rukuna Rath Yatra (Chariot festival) of Lord Lingaraj was observed with great fervor and gaiety today. Devotees thronged the Lingaraj Temple in thousands to witness the festival and pull the chariot.

The sea of crowd turned up braving the unrelenting heat to witness the festival on the occasion of Ashoka Asthami today. The chariot began its journey following conclusion of all rituals and ‘Pahandi Bije.’ The Chariot pulling started at 5:10 PM.

However, the chariot could only cover the distance till Badheibanka Chhak by evening. The chariot will resume its journey tomorrow evening towards Rameswar Temple. As per tradition, the Rukuna Rath begins its journey from the Lingaraj temple towards the Mausima temple.

Elaborate arrangements were made by the temple administration and the Commissionerate Police for the peaceful conduct of the festival.