Design changes to Gurpriya bridge raise deadline concerns

Malkangiri: The implementation of a new design after some pillars of the under construction Gurupriya bridge connecting the cut-off area in Malkangiri district tilted has raised concerns about whether the bridge canl be completed within the stipulated deadline.

The deadline for completion of the bridge has been set for September 2017.

The problem arose when a bend was observed in the 13th pillar of the bridge. The construction team then carried out a detailed review of the digitised design of the bridge. Upon inspection, it was found out that a rock below the pillar caused the bend in the pillar.

A lot of problems were experienced during the laying of the pillars too due to the presence of muddy soil and pieces of rocks. After proper assessment of the soil beneath the pillars, the design has now been changed for all the affected pillars.

“Once the bridge is completed, it will help a lot of people. We are facing problems daily as we have to cross the river by the help of a boat. Hence, we want the bridge to be completed as soon as possible,” said a local.

“The affected pillars were in the deep water zone. We are assessing the causes and redesigning the structures. It will be completed in time and there will be no harm done to the bridge. The current delay won’t have any effect on the timeline,” said C Balakrishna, the team leader of Gurupriya bridge construction.

The Public Works department has assigned the supervision work of the bridge to Architechno Consultants Private Limited, which has undertaken the work since December 29, 2015. The supervision contract has been granted at an agreement value of Rs 3.67 crore. The total allocated cost of the bridge is Rs 172.58 crore.

The bridge at Gurupriya would provide connectivity to 20,000 inhabitants of the cut off area comprising 152 villages.