Compromise petition filed at Papu’s behest: CWC

Bhubaneswar: The sexual harassment case against actor Papu Pom Pom more intractable today after the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) , Khurda questioned the motive of the compromise petition filed by the victim’s father.

The CWC alleged that the petition was filed at the behest of the accused comedian, who is currently lodged at the Jharpada special jail here. Launching a scathing attack on the actor-turned politician, the children’s protection body demanded that the police should go to the bottom of the matter.

“The victim’s father has filed a petition mentioning the compromise through an advocate. He has even prayed for grant of bail to the accused. This looks highly suspicious. He is not confined himself to the case of his daughter; he has rather batted for the accused. It seems that somebody is instigating him to do what he cannot do himself,” CWC member Benudhar Senapati said.

On the other hand, the lawyer of the victim’s father asked the CWC to come up with evidence to prove its contention. “If the CWC feels there has been a financial deal between the two parties, it should prove it. The CWC is used to changing its version,” said Ratnakar Nayak, the lawyer of the victim’s father.

Papu’s counsel Ashok Routray also feigned ignorance about any pact between the two parties.

“I am the counsel of the accused. I am completely unaware about what the CWC is alleging. If the CWC has any evidence on it, it should lodge a complaint before the investigating agency,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mahila police questioned the victim’s father about his statement in the media that his daughter had not appeared in the court and that the police had produced somebody else in the court.

In an exclusive interview to OTV, the girl’s father had stated that his daughter was at home all day on June 28, the day police claimed it produced the victim before the court to record her statement.

“My daughter has not gone to court….They (police) may have taken another girl to the court and enacted the whole drama….My daughter has not gone to court on June 28,” he had said.

He also wanted the case to be withdrawn claiming a settlement had been reached between them. Vouching for the character of Papu, the victim’s father had mentioned that the actor is a gentleman and he speaks to him frequently.