Budhia, mother went to Mumbai on June 27!

Bhubaneswar: The mystery over the whereabouts of ‘boy wonder’ Budhia Singh deepened further on Saturday with an e-ticket booked in the name of Budhia and his mother on a Bhubaneswar-Mumbai Indigo flight a few days ago coming to the fore.

According to the e-ticket, which was booked for a journey to Mumbai on Indigo 6E-552 and is in possession of OTV, Budhia and his mother travelled to Mumbai on June 27. The e-ticket bearing the no O3YZGB is booked for two seats in the name of Sukanti Singh and Budhia Singh.

The question that inevitably arises is: have Budhia and his mother travelled outside the State on some personal work or on for some other purpose?

Another question that is being raised in various quarters is the strange silence of the makers of ‘Budhia Singh Born to Run’, the film based on Budhia’s amazing life story scheduled to be released on August 5. The silence of the production house and director of the movie at a time when the national media has been covering Budhia’s vanishing act extensively has led to some to wonder if this could be a pre-release publicity stunt.

On the other hand, an SMS from Soumendra Padhy, the director of the movie, sent to an OTV reporter has deepened the mystery further. The message said the production house was planning to call Budhia to Mumbai for the promotion of the movie.

Meanwhile, family members of Budhia are neither clarifying whether Budhia and his mother had gone to Mumbai on June 27 nor telling anything on their return though 13 days have elapsed since then.

After the summer vacation got over, Budhia Singh did not return to the Sports hostel or attend school.