‘Blueprint to kill Gandhiji was drawn in Visapur refugee camp’

Bhubaneswar: Though Mahatma Gandhi was killed by Nathuram Godse on January 30, 1948, the blueprint to eliminate Gandhiji was drawn much before by some leaders of Hindu Mahasabha at Visapur refugee camp in Maharashtra.

This information was obtained by Bolangir-based social activist Hemant Panda through Right to Information (RTI) Act.

According to the report, Avtar Singh, who was then staying in the camp has confessed to the plan by members of Hindu Mahasabha to kill Gandhiji who was a threat to the ideologies of the Mahasabha. The camp which was inhabited by the Hindus from Pakistan was also home to Mahasabha’s Madanlal Pahwa and Karkare. These two had first took out two rallies in New Delhi against Mahatma Gandhi, but failed to muster it due to poor support.

The report further noted the Mahasabha leaders are of the opinion that since Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of the minority communities, he has a strong support base. Later after several rounds of meetings, Madanlal took the charge to eliminate Gandhiji which was supported by other members of the group.

Panda said the rehearsal for the murder of Gandhiji had started a month before the day of his assassination.

“The Hindu Mahasabha members had a firing practice inside a forest behind the Birla House on January 20, 1948 while Nathuram had joined the training ten days after on January 30. After the death of the Mahatma, police had later seized empty cartridges and the bullets that had hit the truck of a Babul tree”, Panda informed.

He said to ease their tension, Nathuram, Gopal and Narayan had watched a Hindi movie ‘Milan’ in Delhi two days before the killing of Gandhiji.