BJYM more aggressive in Odisha than BJP-ruled States: Poonam Mahajan

Poonam Mahajan, BJP’s Mumbai North Central MP and daughter of former BJP leader Pramod Mahajan strongly believes that the party’s yuva morcha in Odisha is stronger than other BJP-ruled Sates of the country. In a tete-a-tete with OTV, she too avers that the party will form government in Odisha in 2019.


In 1992, the party’s National Executive meet was organised in Odisha in which Pramod Mahajan had played a key role. You too had attended the programme then. How was that experience?

I think the National Executive meet was organised in Odisha thrice – 1982, 1992 and 1997. The 1992 event is so close to me that I had come here with my whole family. At that time, besides Bhubaneswar we too had visited Puri and Konark. Now I am the national president of party’s Yuva Morcha.  At that time my father had overseen everything along with other members of the party. Sometime back I was telling Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan that the responsibility he has taken to organise such a big event, my father had done then. It was truly a pleasant experience. Today, I am feeling good that I am in Bhubaneswar to attend the party’s National Executive meet. But pity is that Odisha is still a poor State as it was in 1992.

How was your experience so far from the general secretary of BJP to national president of Yuva Morcha?

It has been 10 years long journey…I am feeling lucky to be in the party because I have worked starting from the grassroots level to several other higher posts. I have lost elections and won too. We the party members are like one family. Like every party activist, I too have worked hard to go to next level. In between 2010 and 2013, I was sent to the non-BJP ruled States like Assam and Tamil Nadu to assess the situation. I had formed Yuva Morcha organisation there to make the party stronger. I am thankful to Amit Shah ji and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving me this opportunity to work for the party.

The Yuva Morcha here is not so active compared to the BJP-ruled States. Do you agree?

I am more happy to see the strength of youth organisation here. Looking at the recently concluded panchayat polls here, the Yuva Morcha has led the party to a great height in the State. The warm reception the party leaders received here, was because of the youth. The State president here is very active and the organisation has been formed up to Mandal level. And when the youth decides to do something, a change is seen in the State. During emergency in 1975, my father and some other leaders had spearheaded the momentum and fought against the Gandhi family.  When the youth raises voice, the difference is felt. But one thing I would point out here that the Odisha Yuva Morcha is more active and aggressive in Odisha than other BJP –ruled States.

You had mentioned sleeping beauty about Rahul Gandhi. What exactly was that?

It is a tale that children love to watch in which a beautiful fairy used to sleep every time due to curse. On that day, Rahul Gandhi had brought several allegations against our party on GDP and overall development. My intention was not to hurt anybody, but I wanted to point out that instead of sleeping like the fairy, he (Rahul), before commenting on anything, should get up from slumber and analyse the data presented in the Parliament by the members.

How do you see Odisha?

Among all the eastern States, Odisha bears significance especially due to the presence of immense natural resources. But poverty is still making dominance here. The people of Odisha had high hopes when they elected Naveen Patnaik after Biju Babu. But nothing much has been done during the tenure of Naveen Patnaik. Neither there was a big industrial revolution in the State, nor rights of people were protected.

In 2019, will the BJP form government here?

In the current political situation in India, family politics can never succeed. Since the youth is so active and energised, it asks the government its accountability towards the State. Today’s educated youth wants his dream come true. I would proudly say that our PM has initiated this and is constantly in touch with the leaders for the development of the country. The way development is seen in States like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, you will see the same in Odisha after 2019. That’s why our PM says the nation will grow only when the eastern region develops and, Odisha is an important State in the region. I believe, the way people of Odisha have supported the BJP, party will undoubtedly form government here in 2019.