BJD, Opp hold each other responsible for House impasse

Bhubaneswar: The ruling BJD and the Opposition have started blaming each other for the prevailing impasse in the second phase budget session of the Odisha Assembly.

While Congress and BJP alleged the ruling party does not want to run the House as it is ‘corrupt’, BJD asked the Opposition parties to debate the issues in the House.

Narasingha Mishra, Leader of Opposition, said, “We want the normalcy to return to the House from Tuesday. But the State government does not want the same.”

He added, “If they (ruling party) are corrupt and don’t have answer to our questions, they will try to suppress voice of the Opposition.”

Regarding the Congress MLAs meeting with Governor SC Jamir, Mishra stated, “If need arises, the Governor will summon the chief minister to Raj Bhavan and take appropriate action.”

Basant Panda, BJP Legislature Party leader, said, “Due to arrogant nature of the ruling party, the issues could not be resolved. Be it chit fund scam, Sanjay Das Burma controversy or MM Das row, the chief minister should put forth his statement in the House.”

On the party’s defence, Sashi Bhusan Behera, BJD spokesperson, said, “If the Opposition is having any information against the ruling party, they should bring to the notice of the House, which is the right place where the issues can be debated and things can be made clear.”

Meanwhile, Bijoy Mohapatra, senior BJP leader, told media persons, “The BJD account row should be probed by the CBI as the matter is related to the chit fund scam.”

Mohapatra added, “The BJD should give all account details to the CBI on its own and come clean.”

Negating the claims of the Opposition parties, Damodar Rout, Cooperative minister, said, “The account issue has not been proved out. If they (the Opposition) want to prove anything, they should write quietly to the CBI.”

Rout further stated, “To gain cheap publicity and create influence, the Opposition are doing this thing.”

On Monday, the House will not function due to Akhaya Tritya. Therefore, all eyes are on the all-party meet called by Speaker Niranjan Pujari on Tuesday to break the logjam in the House.