BJD govt in Odisha anti-poor, anti-farmer, inefficient: BJP

Bhubaneswar: Dubbing the BJD government in Odisha as anti-poor, anti-farmer and inefficient, the BJP today said it has no understanding with the BJD to get its support in the Rajya Sabha and slow down CBI probe into the chitfund scam in return.

“There is no question of having an understanding with the BJD as the Naveen Patnaik government has failed on all fronts due to its inefficiency and anti-poor and anti-farmer policies,” BJP Odisha in-charge Arun Singh told reporters here.

“So far as Rajya Sabha is concerned, there are certain issues and bills for which the BJP has sought the cooperation of all political parties including the BJD,” Singh said, adding, if bills like the one on land acquisition were passed, the states would be benefitted considerably.

Stating that the BJD government was marked by scams and scandals, the BJP leader said CBI was an independent agency and it was investigating the chitfund scam in Odisha without any interference.

“We strongly believe that all those who looted poor people’s hard earned money through the chitfund scam in Odisha as well as in West Bengal, will be booked,” Singh said responding to allegations that the CBI probe into the chitfund scam is slowing down.

Claiming that people were now drawing a comparison between the 15-year BJD rule in Odisha and one-year of NDA regime at the Centre, Singh said in the last one year the Narendra Modi government has recorded a number of achievements while the BJD rule has been a total failure.

Though BJD has been ruling the state since 2000, it has failed to provide even safe drinking water to people. As a result, jaundice spread in an alarming way in places like Sambalpur, Balangir and Rairakhol, he said.

While the Congress has been wiped out in Odisha, people have lost faith in the BJD due to its misrule and inefficiency, Singh said, adding that under the present circumstances BJP was in a position to provide a viable political alternative in the state.

Claiming that BJP’s strength has increased ten times, he said the party’s membership has gone up from about 3.6 lakh in 2012 to around 32 lakh.

The newly-enrolled members would be engaged in highlighting the failures of the BJD government and the pro-people policies and achievements of the Modi government at the Centre, he said.

Now people were also impressed with the performances of the Modi government, which has been able to control inflation and raise economic growth, besides bringing in a host of welfare and social security measures, Singh added.