Bear triggers panic at VISA steel plant in Jajpur

Jajpur: The employees of VISA steel plant at Kalinga Nagar industrial area in jajpur district ran helter-skelter after they spotted a wild bear inside the plant complex.

The bear is suspected to have strayed into the plant from Badasuli hill after local residents tried to chase it away after spotting the animal near the plant vicinity in the morning.

Sources said, the animal was seen roaming on the road and later it was chased down by a mob. In a bid to protect itself, the wild bear entered the plant and hid itself in the bushes at an isolated place.

Forest officials from Tamaka and Jajpur Road along with local police rushed to the spot and have swung into action to capture the animal.

Senior officials said that already a massive operation has been launched by laying traps at various places inside the plant to capture the animal. It will be later released back into its natural habitat.