Baked Flavours from Europe spread aroma around twin city

Bhubaneswar: Be it birthday or marriage anniversary, every celebration is considered incomplete without cake cutting. Of late cake shops have dotted the cityscape to meet the cravings of youngsters waiting to try out different flavours and varieties. And when European cakes hit the markets, the enthusiasm among cake lovers naturally reached a high.

The varieties from Red velvet to fresh pineapple and strawberry, these continental cakes and pastries are made with European ingredients – different in flavours and texture from normal cakes, inform the owners of bakeries who have roped in experienced chefs to prepare these special cakes.

“I have been working abroad for quite some time and have a good experience being a French and Swiss baker; I understand the knickknacks of European cakes and the ingredients they use. It is not just the imported raw materials that make the difference, the entire process of baking European cakes is special and that is what makes it different from normal cakes available in the market,” said Krishnendu Hazra, Executive Chef of Bhubaneswar-based shop ’99 Bakers Street.’

Chef of MayFair’s ‘Mamma-mia’, Asmita Pani said, “Red velvet cakes, Belgian and Australian chocolate cakes, mango cheese cakes, strawberry cheese cakes and other fancy cakes are our specialty. There is a good response from the food lovers in the city. We mostly use Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) products in cake preparations and the ingredients are sourced from different places in India and abroad.”

“I tried ‘99 Grand Truffle Cake’ which tastes amazing, it has a sponge base with mousse and ganache in it. Thanks to the new bakery shops in the city, a variety of Macarons are available these days here in the city,” said a cake lover from Bhubaneswar.

The shop owners and bakers are delighted to see the encouraging response from the city denizens. The craze for different varieties of cakes has grown and people are now relishing the baked delicacies more than ever before.

“I am amazed to see the response here in Bhubaneswar. I am sure with this kind of a response we have a long way to go particularly when it comes to special European cakes,” said Vivek Panigrahi, a city-based bakery-shop owner.