Assembly monsoon session: BJP to rake up deterioration in Law & Order

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha BJP will rake up the issue of deterioration of law and order in state during the upcoming monsoon session of the Assembly. At its legislature party meet today, the saffron party decided to raise the issue of attacks on Union minister, BJP MLA and its party members holding the ruling BJD responsible.

Moreover, the saffron party is also planning to corner the ruling BJD on its incompetence in handling the Mahanadi issue, the Dana Majhi incident, collapsing healthcare infrastructure in the State, ration card distribution irregularities, Gumudumuha firing, malnutrition deaths in Nagada and issues plaguing the farmers in Odisha.

“The Law & Order situation has completely deteriorated despite Home Department is under the Chief Minister himself. Moreover, the BJP will raise a host of issues including deteriorating healthcare services, Mahanadi row, ration card irregularities, Nagada malnutrition deaths etc,” said BJP MLA Pradeep Purohit.