Arindam and Archita return with ‘Shiva-Not Out’

Bhubaneswar: Heart throbs of Odia film industry Arindam and Archita will be seen in their fourth film together, ‘Shiva-Not Out’. In an exclusive chat with, the duo opened up about the film and more. Here are excerpts:

Q: Share details about your upcoming film ‘Shiva-Not Out’.

Arindam: It is a love story. I play Shiva which is a very strong character. But it has a disability and Shiva needs to get over his own mind to beat the villains in his life. It was challenging but I enjoyed playing this role.

Archita: I play Bhavna who is a very sweet person. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the crew of this film and my co-actor Arindam who is also the producer of the film.

Q: How do you enjoy donning the role of producer?

Arindam: It is challenging but I enjoy it. But I will always be an actor first. As a producer I had to work 24×7 and get sleepless nights and being the hero in my film I had to look fresh without any sleep at all. So it is difficult to be both actor and producer in a film.

Q: How has marriage changed your life? Also, since you married into a political family, would you ever join politics?

Arindam: Marital life has been great and I thank my wife for her unconditional support. She has stood with me throughout times, no questions asked. People used to scare me that marriage would change life but my life hasn’t changed a bit and that has been possible only because of my wife.

When it comes to politics, I don’t have any aspirations as such. But given a chance I would definitely join politics to serve people.

Q: How has life changed after the pageant? Would you ever be seen in projects outside Odisha?

Archita: The pageant was unplanned but it has definitely changed me a lot. From an introvert I have become more open to discussions. I used to presume things about people but now my approach has changed too. But I love working in Odisha and our industry. Also, my family is very conservative and my values are intact. So I will not be working in projects outside the State.

Q: What would your tips to young girls be for fashion?

Archita: I don’t think girls today need any tips. They have a great understanding of what they want and how they like to dress. I will just advice them to be themselves and enjoy. Wear what you like and be who you want to be!