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Anubhav and Elina’s ‘common man’ look in Abhay

Bhubaneswar: The upcoming Anubhav Mohanty starrer film Abhay, set for Raja release, touted as the story of a common man has its glamorous lead stars in the simplest, yet striking looks.

Anubhav is seen in some formal and casual shirts and T-shirts for his role of a man the viewer can identify with.

Anubhav in Abhaya
Anubhav Mohanty in ‘Abhay’

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Anubhav in Casual
Anubhav in Casual Wear

At times you will find him sporting a hoodie or a sweatshirt but mostly dressed like the boy-next-door.

Anubhav's Hoodie Style in Abhay
Anubhav’s Hoodie Style in Abhay
A scene from Tarang’s upcoming movie Abhay

Elina for her part is also seen in plain attires and yet looks absolutely graceful! She is seen in simple salwar suits and sometimes in t-shirts. But the actress exudes charm even with minimal style.

Anubhav and Elina in Abhay
Elina in Tarang Cine Production's 'Abhay'
Elina in Tarang Cine Productions’ ‘Abhay’

Abhya, the Tarang Cine Productions’ upcoming movie, is set to hit theaters this Raja.

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