Amid dense security cover, break of dawn beckons Gurupriya Bridge


Malkangiri: Armed with sophisticated weapons and gadgets, the Border Security Force (BSF) jawans are toiling hard round-the-clock to keep a strict vigil on the newly-constructed Gurupriya Bridge which has always been under the threat from the Maoists.

From patrolling in the dead of the night to keeping surveillance through CCTV cameras, the BSF jawans are alert and are taking adequate measures to protect the bridge from any impending danger from the red rebels as it is nearing its completion.

“We are guarding the bridge from both sides and also patrolling in boat,” said a BSF jawan.

Two camps have been set up by the BSF to guard the bridge which would serve as a lifeline for thousands of people in the remote and inaccessible Chitrakonda area of Malkangiri district.

Maoists see the bridge as an imminent threat once it becomes operational and have already issued threats.

Experts believe that as anti-Maoists operations in the district will get a boost once the bridge is operational, the rebels have been protesting the construction of the bridge. The security forces have also been attacked by the rebels in the past during the construction of the bridge.

The 910-metre-long bridge will connect nearly nine panchayats in the cut-off areas of Malkangiri, benefiting about 30,000 people.

“The Gurupriya Bridge is important for ushering in development in cut-off areas as it can help in ensuring that education, healthcare and other welfare schemes reach people,” said Malkangiri SP, Jagmohan Meena.