After Puri, Bargarh, ‘spill milk’ protest in Capital now

Bhubaneswar: Following in the footsteps of their brethren in Puri and Bargarh, milk producers today distributed free milk and spilled large quantities of it on the streets protesting what they called the State government’s ‘anti-milk producers’ policy. The agitating milk producers under the banner of Odisha Dugdha Utpadaka Sangram Samiti are demanding a price of Rs 30/ litre, introduction of milk in mid-day meals and anganwadi facilities, free milk for pregnant woman, and a special identity card for the milk-producing community.

The Samiti today held a demonstration at Bhubaneswar’s Lower PMG square. As part of their innovative protests, milk producers today distributed free milk.

“We are not even getting the support price for our milk. Whatever little milk is being procured by OMFED is not being procured in a proper manner, which is creating a lot of problems for us. We have taken to the streets today because we are being constantly harassed by the dubious ways of OMFED,” said an agitating milk producer participating in the protest

“As the government is not procuring milk, we have launched this protest. How will we survive if we are given such low rates for our produce?” said a protester.

“We are poor people. How will we feed and maintain our livestock? The government is creating a lot of problems while procuring milk from us,” said another protester.