Adaptive Traffic Signalling system in Bhubaneswar soon

Bhubaneswar: Soon the electronic signalling system will be a thing of the past as advanced adaptive signalling system will be shortly introduced in the Smart City of Bhubaneswar.

As per plans, a modern traffic management system is being installed that works on real-time sensor data.

This will facilitate easing congestion at major traffic junctions by minimizing use of manpower in traffic regulation and enforcements, informed sources.

Police Commissioner YB Khurania informed that the sensors will work based on the volume of traffic on a particular stretch and the lights will automatically turn red or green.

Besides, left turn by motorists will be stopped completely near traffic junctions when the signal is red. The basic idea is to ensure safety of pedestrians, cyclists so that they can cross at zebra crossings in a safe manner.

“At present Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited is installing and testing the advance system. Once they notify, we will introduce the system,” said Khurania.