Activist sets example by tying knot with visually challenged man

Pipili: Love is blind and so is her love for social work that gave her the strength and courage to accept a visually challenged person as her partner.

Lipimayee Parida is a social activist with a passion to selflessly work for the differently-abled people as she believes everyone has the right to live with pride and dignity. Irrespective of physical disabilities one possesses, he/she shares a space on this earth and should never give up, something which she firmly believes in.

“I had always wished to marry a differently-abled person as I want a life fully dedicated to people who need me. I am happy to become a part of his (husband Jayant Mallick) life,” Lipimayee said.

“No one is disabled on this earth. Jayant has his own place and I know he will get his own share,” she said, adding, “Plenty of people miss their share of happiness in life. I have been working for these people and feel blessed to have got a chance to share my happiness with them.”

Besides, Lipimayee believes that her marriage to Jayant would be able to change the mindset of society towards differently-abled people and lessen the stigma and discrimination that they have been subjected to and continue to encounter in their daily lives.

Lipimayee is a blessing to me as she not only accepted me but also understood me and my feelings, said Jayant.

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“I like her attitude and believe she will give my life its deepest meaning,” he added.

Meanwhile, friends of the duo believe that the marriage will set an example and help differently-abled persons gain self-confidence and self-esteem.