7 forest staff injured in elephant attack

Athagarh: Seven Forest staff were injured, one of them seriously when an injured elephant attacked them inside Sukasana forest under Athagarh Forest Range in Cuttack district this afternoon.

According to reports, the Forest staff had found a limping elephant inside Athagarh Forest Range five days ago as an abandoned tyre got stuck on its front left foot. In a bid to give treatment to the injured elephant, the Forest staff today noticed it inside Sukasana forest.

As the Forest staff tried to tranquilise the elephant, it suddenly attacked them in which seven staff were injured while Forest Guard Promod Behera was seriously injured as the elephant lifted him with its trunk and crushed him under its feet after crashing him on the ground. However, his life was saved as the Forest staff managed to drive it away.

Talking to media persons later, Prof Indramani Nath, tranquiliser expert of Odisha University of Agriculture Technology (OUAT), Bhubaneswar, said attempt to tranquilise the injured elephant has been put on hold after it attacked a member of the tranquilising team today. “Though the elephant is injured, it is now in an aggressive mood. We will wait for 4-5 days to keep the elephant in normal mood after which we will try again to tranquilise it again,” he added.