4 key info missing in C’garh minute book: WR secy

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Water Resources secretary Pradeep Jena on Saturday alleged that the Chhattisgarh government has not mentioned anything about four vital points, which were discussed in the tripartite meeting in New Delhi last month, in the minute book.

Jena said the Chhattisgarh government had kept Odisha in the dark about all the projects in the upstream of Mahanadi.

Talking to OTV, the WR secretary said, “Information on the master plan of Chhattisgarh government on Mahanadi projects is missing in the minute book of the tripartite meet. We had thought since we had demanded that the report be shared with us, the neighbouring government will mention about it. It is unfortunate that we have been kept in the dark about the under construction projects as well as the planned ones.”

During the meeting in New Delhi, Odisha government had objected to Kelo dam project on Mahanadi, he said. “We had also raised an objection over a meeting of technical advisory committee (TAC) of the Central water Commission (CWC) not being convened to discuss Mahanadi water issue.”

“But the minute book has no mention of the objections raised by Odisha on the Mahanadi row during the tripartite meeting in Delhi,” he stated.

According to the official, the State government had apprised the CWC of the adverse impact of Arpa-Bhaisajher project undertaken by the Chhattisgarh government and seven other integrated projects on the State.

Jena said the Odisha government has requested Water Resources ministry for revision of the minutes of the tripartite meeting.