18 missing Keonjhar child labourers rescued from Delhi

Keonjhar: A total of 18 child labourers, 15 girls and three boys who were missing for eight months, have been rescued from Delhi.

“He had told to engage us in dress showrooms in Bhubaneswar. We were not aware that he would take us to Delhi and force to work as house maids. He also used to beat us,” said one girl.

As per reports, two dalals had taken the children from Nipo village in the district after promising them of jobs in the Capital city but they took them to Delhi and made them to work against their interests.

After finding no clue of the whereabouts of the children, their parents approached the district collector with the matter.

“Keonjhar district child protection unit, police department, labour department and women and child development department formed a seven-member team and went to Delhi; they rescued the children who were tortured and engaged in different parts of the national capital,” said Sibanath Pradhan of district child protection committee.

Earlier, on March 16, four minor girls of the district were rescued by Child Welfare Committee from Delhi.