BJP demands early election, PM’s resignation

Bhubaneswar: Alleging rampant corruption, loot of public money and gross misuse of CBI during the UPA rule, BJP on Wednesday demanded immediate resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and an early election.
"The BJP emphatically demands that the Prime Minister resign with immediate effect," BJP MP and party's all India spokesperson Chandan Mitra told reporters.
He pointed out that, since less than a year from now elections would have to be held anyway, BJP wanted advancement of the election.
Asserting that the UPA government has lost all rights to continue in office even for another day, Mitra said the government must go immediately to pave way for an early poll so that people get an opportunity to elect a new government under the BJP.
"What till recently was being called a policy paralysis by economic experts has now deteriorated into a coma from which this government cannot come out," the Rajya Sabha MP said.
On steps to make the CBI independent, Mitra said CBI should have two wings.
While director of CBI, will head the organisation, under him, a separate directorate of prosecution should function, he said adding the investigative and prosecution wings should act independently.
Director of CBI and directorate of prosecution should have fixed terms and should be appointed by a collegium comprising of the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha and chairman of Lokpal, Mitra said adding neither director should get re-employed in government after retirement.
Pointing out that senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley has already suggested these measures, he said superintendence and direction of CBI in relation to Lokpal-referred cases should be with the Lokpal.