Debate rages over BJD’s volatile stance

Bhubaneswar: BJD’s role as Opposition and its avowed agenda of espousing Odisha’s cause in Parliament has been a subject of debate over the past few days in context of Land Bill. The debate raged especially after BJD refrained from voting on the Land Bill passed in Lok Sabha.

Commenting on the developments, party MP Tathagat Satapathy today said that in order to protect the interests of Odisha, the party has to maintain different postures as the situation demands.

Satapathy had strongly criticised the Land Bill before voting and also questioned its developmental objective. “Development for whom? Whose interests the Bill is trying to serve?” he had asked during the discussion on the Land Bill in the House.

After such critical remarks, it was expected that the BJD will vote against the Land Bill. However, there was a clear change in its stance after the party staged a walkout ahead of voting on the Bill.

Earlier, the BJD had opposed the vote of thanks on the Presidential address in Parliament. However, it went on to pledge its support to the Insurance Bill later.

Now experts opine that such blow-hot-blow-cold stance of BJD only indicates that its relationship with BJP continues to be on a roller-coaster ride.