Bizzare! After being bitten, youth arrives in hospital with the snake

Malkangiri: For someone getting bitten by a snake, the instant response would be to dart to the hospital without delay, right? But a youth in Odisha who was bitten by a snake shocked everyone after he arrived at the hospital carrying the snake after beating the reptile to death. The incident reported from MV-63 village in Malkangiri district has become the talk of the town.

According to sources, the youth was bitten by snake while he was taking bath in a pond. Following the incident, he stoned the reptile to death and carried it along with him to Malkangiri hospital for receiving treatment.

People gathered at the hospital were left in a state of panic after the youth barged inside with the dead snake. However, upon examination, it was confirmed that the snake was not venomous and the youth was later released after preliminary treatment.