Bitti forged all certificates: Police

Bhubaneswar: The Kerala police special investigation team on Friday conclusively established that rape convict Bittihotra Mohanty forged all his educational certificates in the name of Raghav Rajan, producing which he managed to get the probationary bank officer job with State Bank of Travancore in Kerala.
The four-member team lead and investigating officer Joshi Joseph after visiting KIIT University here said, “We verified the documents and it has been established that the certificates are issued in the name of Bitti and not in the name of Raghav Rajan ”.
Bitti had enrolled for B.Tech in KIIT University in 2001-02, varsity officials said.
The Kerala police which too had sensed handiwork behind procuring school and college certificates, had sought to verify these certificates from the respective institutes in Odisha.
“After comparing both the documents, we observed that the Stewart school certificate has been fabricated,” Joseph said.
Stewart school principal Asha Das stated, “In 1999, nobody in the name of Raghav Ranjan passed from our school. Of course Bitti was a student here and passed in 1999”. 
The investigating officials also found Bitti’s Christ college certificate as forged.
Bitti’s father and former Odisha DGP BB Mahanti who was tightlipped after his son was arrested from Kannur in Kerala six days ago is likely to be quizzed by the team tomorrow in Cuttack.
In 2006 Bitti had been convicted of raping a German tourist in Alwar and later jumped parole and went on the run. Bitti was arrested after he was found to be working in a Kerala bank under a false name. He had secured the position and even an MBA degree allegedly using false certificates.