Bhubaneswar Restaurant Ropes In Robot Waiters To Serve Customers

Bhubaneswar: Smart City Bhubaneswar seems like to have hit the Aritificial Intelligence highway and to get a slice of the same, one needs to visit city-based Robo Chef restaurant.

Good and tasty food is loved by all but add a good dash of technology and there is nothing better. With such a motto, Robo Chef restaurant has roped in robots as waiters to give an all new experience to its customers.

With greetings like ‘Namaskar…Mo Naa Champa’ (My name is Champa) to ‘Apana Mane Khusi Ta’ (Are You Happy), the robots, named as Champa and Chameli, welcome their guests. These apart, customers visiting the restaurant can also give their feedback and wishes through a screen installed on the robots.

Jeet Basa, the proprietor of the Robo Chef restaurant said that, “Both Champa and Chameli need just commands to deliver customers’ orders and both use artificial intelligence. For example if someone obstructs their way, they will find an alternative way to deliver the order just like humans do.”

“My prime targets are kids and youths because they are the ones who will be most excited with this new form of service,” Basa said.

Bhubanesh Mishra, the robot designer said, “Champa and Chameli have been installed with human-like spine and embedded with special abilities to map out the location and navigation in the area for completion of goals.”

Designed with completely indigenous technologies, it took around Rs 3 lakh rupees and 15 days to build this robot.