Bhadrak snake rescue ops: Three more adult cobras caught

Bhadrak: A day after more than hundred snake hatchlings were recovered from a house at Paikasahi in Shyampur village under Dhamnagar NAC of Bhadrak district, the Snake Helpline officials on Sunday rescued three adult Cobras and two more snake hatchlings from the house. With this, a total of 131 snakes and 21eggs have been recovered by the snake catchers, reports said.

Sources said there was a termite mound inside the house of one Bijay Bhuyan’s house and he used to worship it. Although Bhuyan was aware of the presence of a few snakes inside the mound, he never imagined the numbers could be this many.

On Friday night, Bhuyan’s daughter caught hold of a snake inside the house. Scared that she might repeat doing it, the family informed  a Snake Helpline team. The team rushed to the spot and rescued 20 snake hatchlings.

As the mother snake could not be traced that night, snake catchers visited the house on Saturday and  launched a second search operation only to recover 106 more snake hatchlings and 21eggs from inside the  mound.

“A total of five adult snakes have been rescued so far, two yesterday and three snakes today. Police and forest officials are co-operating us in the rescue operation and we are trying to locate more snakes,” informed a snake catcher, A.K Mirza.

The rescued snakes were  handed over  to the forest department following which they were releases  into Hadagarh hills in Keonjhar. “All of us are in immense fear and none of us is letting our kids outdoors. We have the lights and torches on during nights, said a villager Bharat Chandra.

Meanwhile, Bhuyan has sought financial assistance from the state government to repair his house that was completely destroyed in the rescue operation.