Balabhadra ‘daru’ leaves for Puri

Jagatsinghpur: The ‘daru’ or the wood identified for the idol of Lord Balabhadra began its journey towards Puri today. The ‘daru’ departed from its location at Goddess Sarala shrine in Jhankada of Jagatsinghpur district amidst a sea of devotees who gathered to have a glimpse of the holy wood. The Sarala shrine came alive with devotion and fervour as the cart or the sagadi made to transport the wood to Puri was pulled by devotees with enthusiasm. The cart will take the Paradip-Cuttak road and via Bhuabaneswar it will reach Puri.

Meanwhile, at Adhanga in Biridi, Jagatsinghpur where the daru of Goddess Subhadra has been identified, is gearing up for the maha yajna. The agyanmala or the garland which symbolises permission of deities to begin proceedings has arrived at Adahanga. The construction of accommodation for the daitapatis or the Sabarapalli and the yajna pandal has been completed. Devotees are thronging the place to offer worship to the holy neem tree, the wood of which will be used to carve out the new idol of goddess Subhadra.