Atmaja calls on Mothers Day

Cuttack: “Where are you maa? Please comeback as I am feeling very thirsty and lonely maa”…Understandably these are the words possibly uttered by the 43-days old baby Atmaja kept in the special neo-natal care unit (SNCU) in SCB medical college Cuttack.

She is yet to suck milk from her mother. She is yet to feel the warmth of her mother’s lap and caring hands. Left inside the four walls of the unit with other babies, she is looking for her mother ever needed by a new born baby for anything and everything.

Though she is offered the best possible care and food by the attendants and nurses of the unit, her innocent tiny eyes express everything. Everytime looking at the nurses while in their hands, as if she asks the whereabout of her mother who left her in the medical only to lift after a court decision.

She is breast-fed by other newly mothers but as if she is becoming more thirsty day by day with growing age. Though Atmaja has become the attendants’ most loving baby, she is desperately seeking her mother’s presence so that she can also say- “Happy Mother’s Day – Maa”.