ATM loot: New nightmare for naive card holders

Bolangir: Of late, loot in the ATM has picked up in most of the city centres, even in small towns as here; and the involvement of a whole racket behind this act is strongly doubted in all circles.

Presenting itself as a new menace among the city dwellers, the typical modus operandi of the loot remains very simple.

Going by the CCTV footage in the ATM counters, the suspects mostly appear friendly in the ATM counters, sometimes helping around the card holders with the operations, often either switch the cards or secretly gain knowledge about the personal pin number which empowers one to access the money which is not their own. 

For the swindlers, the next step is to indulge in the money transfer through e-banking.

According to Bolangir police, the racket involved in the ATM loot has spread into the neighbouring states, often employing children for this activity; has so far built the booty of about Rs 50 lakh.