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ATM cards used as mortgage for credit in Bolangir

Bolangir: In the middle of investigating the recent ATM loots and pursuing key persons behind them; police here have stumbled upon a sensational case which may not be as sinister as these loots.

The man in question is Santosh Sahu who collected over hundred pass books and ATM cards of mostly the government employees; allegedly using them as mortgage for the credit he was giving.

It is while scanning CCTV footage to find out clues about the suspect behind ATM loots, Police found Sahu collecting cash from ATM counters using different ATM cards.

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According to sources, Sahu used to give loans to people in emergency in exchange of their passbooks and ATM cards.

Targetting mostly the government employees, Sahu used to collect the initial loan amount and interest money directly from their ATM cards deposited with him — just after the salary of these people enters their bank account. 

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