As fast as a snail, railways way

Cuttack: How much time should a goods train take to reach Cuttack from Kesinga in Kalahandi district? And again, how much time should a goods train should take to deliver items at Cuttack which were loaded at Madras? Twenty months and seven months respectively courtesy the Indian Railways. Imagine what would be the condition of the despatched items like bags of rice, wheat and cement when it finally reach the destination after 20 and seven months?

A goods train with six wagons arrived at the goods siding at Cuttack on Thursday. The wagons contained rice and wheat from FCI along with bags of cement from Madras. The rice and wheat were to distributed under the public distribution system. Investigations revealed that the rice consignment was despatched from Kesinga on April 10, 2010. That is it took almost 20 months to reach Cuttack. No one knows where the consignment containing 12 hundred bags of rice was all these days.

Likewise, the consignment contained 12 hundred bags of cement. The consignment was despatched by Madras Cement Limited from Chennai about seven months ago. The consignment of rice and wheat contain insects while the cement bags have turned useless. Edible and consumer items worth lakhs of rupess habe been rendered useless and who would pay the bill. Asked Nanda Kishore Mohanty, an employee of Om Transporter who had placed the order for rice and wheat,"What should we do with the rice and wheat now? The items meant for the poor under the below poverty line went waste and who should be held guilty? No one has the answer.