Admn assures striking PKDA employees

Puri: Of 14 striking daily labourers of Puri-Konark Development Authority (PKDA) in their fast unto death, on Saturday one labourer fell seriously ill.

The lone labourer Ramesh Pradhan who was part of the sit-in suddenly became ill on the second day of fast and was admitted into Puri main hospital.   

Being informed about this, the District Collector of Puri Fakir Charan Satpathy rushed to the site, listened to the demands of the striking employees of PKDA who have been serving there since 23 long years and requested them to call off the strike.

Satpathy gave them the assurance that he will take up their demands with the Minister and Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development

However, the striking employees of PKDA have demanded his assurance in writing.