Additional spillway to enhance water discharge at Hirakud Dam

Sambulpur: An additional spillway will be constructed at the Hirakud reservoir to reduce the pressure and allow more flow of flood waters through the sluice gates of the dam.

According to sources, the additional spillway proposed to enhance the flood water discharge capacity of the Hirakud Dam will be funded by the World Bank and expected to be completed within 30 months with an estimated cost of Rs 370 crore.

Reportedly, the length of the proposed spillway would be around 85 metre with five crest gates enabling discharge of 3.22 lakh cusec of water.

“The project work will be undertaken under the supervision of internationally acclaimed experts as the project is being funded by the World Bank. The design has been prepared by the Central Water Commission (CWC) and the works will be monitored by us at different levels,” Chief Engineer of Hirakud Dam, Jyotirmaya Rath said.

“The project will be a joint venture of TATA Projects limited and a Turkish company ‘Ages’. Five spillway gates and a 2 km long channel will be constructed which will discharge the additional flow into the Mahanadi River,” Sunil Gupta, Project manager of TATA projects limited said.

However, the locals who were earlier protesting the project have given their consent after the administration assured them of rehabilitation. A colony for the displaced people is being constructed at Mohammadpur near the dam with the provision of adequate financial assistance for the locals.

“Two patches of land have been identified for the displaced locals and levelling and other processes are being carried out.  There are minor problems in the villages nearby the rehabilitation colony which will be sorted out and the construction works will begin soon,” Sambalpur collector Samarth Verma said.

According to reports, Hirakud Dam has presently 64 sluice gates and 34 crest gates for releasing flood waters.