Actor Papu Pom Pom in soup again; complaint lodged over ‘Mr Kanhaiya’s poster

Bhubaneswar:  It seems that actor Papu Pom Pom has a penchant to remain in news, but for the wrong reasons. This time the comedian stoked controversy over a poster of his upcoming film, ‘Mr Kanhaiya’ which was released recently.

In the poster, Papu is seen holding multiple girls on leash with a rope tied to their necks. Alleging that such a depiction is sheer disrespect to women, several cine critics and other social activists in the State have condemned the poster.

Social activist, Linkan Subudhi filed a written complaint at Mahila Police Station in Bhubaneswar, demanding action against the actor, producer & director of the movie. Sububhi has also demanded that the movie should be banned.

“The producer, director and actor of the upcoming film must be arrested and penalised for releasing such poster. If they do not seek apology from women in public, justice will not be meted out,” said Subudhi.

“Are women dogs? I personally disliked the poster and urged Siddharth Music to immediately withdraw the poster of its upcoming movie,” said sprinter Dutee Chand in her Facebook post.

Cine critic, Dilip Hali said, “Such poster is disrespect to women. Everybody had thought that Papu, who had landed in soup in the past for misbehaving with a minor girl, would have changed. But now it appears that he has not learnt any lessons.”

Hali further urged Odisha government to take stern action against the makers of the film for such cheap publicity and depicting women in poor light.

“Be it actor or producers, there has been a degradation of cinema industry. Several vulgar posters are being released to get immediate publicity or create controversy,” said social activist, Namrata Chaddha.

Meanwhile, refuting the allegations director of ‘Mr Kanhaiya’, Ramesh Rout said, “We have not released this poster. Moreover, this is not the official poster of the movie. Any fan must have created this poster and released it.”

Ramesh Rout, director of the film said, “It is not an official poster of the movie. Some fans might have created and uploaded it.”

Response of actor Papu and film producers is awaited.