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A kidney pateint seeks medical assistance

Bolangir: Vijay Tandi (43) the only breadwinner of family with a windowed mother, wife and three daughters was found afflicted with kidney ailment.

Tangi who resides in Jyotinagar here was first diagnosed with kidney problem in 2008. Because of this ailment, Tangi lost his job with a private company.

To meet the medical expenses, he had to mortgage his agricultural land and borrow money from his relatives and friends.  

Though his wife is ready to offer her kidneys for transplant, he does not have sufficient money to facilitate the medical procedure. The irony is while the burden of his whole family is on his shoulders, he is literally not being able to stand on his own feet, forget about attending his family needs.   
Concerning his job, the case is now in court and his widowed mother is being deprived of her pension.

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