70-YO Odisha Woman’s Love For Running Makes Her Fitness Ambassador

Rourkela: She is not any sportsperson, but the athlete within makes her one of the toughest you will come across. Meet 70-year-old Urmila Das of Rourkela sector-17 who has become the talk of the town for her unmatched fitness in such old age. It is the love for running that has been driving Urmila to participate in marathons with much enthusiasm.

It is now for the last 15 years that Urmila has been actively participating in marathons organised in Rourkela and Sundergarh district. Urmila’s interest to jog and participate in marathon has earned her the recognition of the ‘sprint queen.’

Though Urmila has not been awarded in any national or international events, it is her never-quit attitude which has been appreciated by many. She recently participated in the ‘Run For Unity’ marathon in the city.

“I am fit and love to participate and run like others,” said Urmila.

Moreover, it is not that Urmila just wants to keep herself fit at this age, but she is inspiring the young generation to take up sports and other outdoor activities.

After her retirement from Rourkela Steel Plant in 2011, Urmila has devoted her life to her family. Even today, she follows a strict routine right from waking up early, to doing exercises and completing the daily chores all by herself.

Urmila has preserved several T-shirts, certificates and other memorabilia received for participating in various marathons and other events.

Urmila’s son Nirmal Das stated that, “It is for my mother’s will and determination that I never prevented her from participating in events. I always ensure that I take her to marathons and walkathons as she simply loves it.”

Nirmal further stated that he always carries a bag with water for her mother. “My mother is simply keen to participate in events and I feel happy when she completes her task,” he added.