5-yr-old girl branded with hot iron by grandfather for not obeying him

Jajpur: In an inhuman act, a five-year-old girl child was branded with hot iron on her face by her grandfather for not obeying him at Padmapur village of Jajpur district.

Though the matter happened four to five days back, the incident came to light after the neighbours of the kid noticed the injuries on her face and took her to the Jajpur hospital.

Phula Tudu, a neighbor, said, “We saw the severe injuries on the face of the girl child. When we asked her grandfather he did not reply anything and started avoiding.”

BK Das, a doctor, who is treating the kid, said, “Grandfather of the girl branded her with hot iron as she did some mischief. There are burn injuries on both the sides of the cheek. Left side of the neck is also affected.”

Meanwhile, Dilip Bindhani, the accused grandfather, said, “Out of anger I branded the hot iron to the child. I don’t care whatever punishment will be given to me,” adding that the parents are staying in Berhampur.

Notably, the girl child has been staying with her grandfather as her parents have divorced each other and staying separately. However, the kid was left with the grandfather.

Shishir Mishra, Officer in charge, Jajpur Road, said, “We have detained the grandfather. If the information that we have is found to be true, we would initiate action against the parents.”

The police officer added once the girl child recovers, she will be handed over to the child protection committee.