37 Oriyas return from Libya

Bhubaneswar: The joy of as many as 37 Oriyas knew no bounds when they landed at Biju Patnaik airport here on Friday after being evacuated from trouble-torn Libya. The evacuation process of the Indians residing in Libya started following the civil unrest in the country.  

On inquiring about their experience during the unrest they recounted as to how their lives came under jeopardy in Libya. These men had migrated to Libya in search of a better standard of living and to make money. Most of them were employed as electricians or plumbers.

But life took an ugly turn with the Libyan nationals coming together in protest against President Gaddaffi’s 42-year-old long dictatorship.

“Life was under threat in Libya. The residence of Libyan President was only 20 kms away from the place where we stayed. There used to be rallies and firing of bullets throughout the day,” Libya returned Lal Bahadur Jena said.

“It’s our second birth. We were under panic. We had to get back to our places before evening. Earlier, we used to feed ourselves thrice a day but later we could only manage only one meal a day,” Libya returned Bichitra Kumar Pradhan said.

However, they were evacuated after the efforts made by the Government of India to bring them back home safely. On their arrival on Friday, these men were sent to their respective places by a specially arranged bus.

“We have arranged a special bus for them. We have also been instructed to send them to their respective destinations by trains and buses,” Assistant Manager, Protocol, Sridhar Mallick said.