350 baby Olive Ridley turtles released into sea

Balasore: Officials of the Forest Department released about 350 baby Olive Ridley turtles into the sea at Talasari beach located under Bograi block here on Saturday.

Personnel from the Forest Department first located a bunch of Ridley Olive turtles laying eggs at Talasari beach along the coast of Bay of Bengal and provided protection to the turtles’ eggs.

With the help of little fencing, these personnel took good care of these eggs laid by mother turtles for three days; as the eggs were hatched, the hatchlings were released into the sea.

The forest department conducted several awareness programmes in the adjacent areas in a drive to garner public support in terms of egg care. These programs called for pubic support in terms of not getting into any fishing activities and boating in the seas during the breeding time. 

 “From March13- 20, we located six different places where these turtles were laying their eggs. On March 10-11 and 12 we released as many as 357 hatchlings into the sea,” said Bhagirathi Tung, Forester, Udaypur section.

 “We patrol the whole area to protect these eggs in terms of detecting nets and other equipment people use to capture the turtles,” said Forest Guard Saroj Kumar Pradhan.

All this was a small step towards the protection of Olive Ridley turtle which is facing the threat of extinction from the face of earth and which still holds so much significance and value on the tourist map.