Barsa, Rajashree resolve to live happily everafter!

Bhubaneswar: Given the bitterness that marked the long period of their estrangement, a reunion between them was the last thing anyone expected. But over three years after they fell out, Rajashree Mohanty, son of Basta strongman and former cabinet minister Raghunath Mohanty, and Barsa Swony Chudhury, announced today that they had made up and decided to give their marriage a fresh lease of life.

Barsa grinned from ear to ear while Rajashree looked pleased as punch as they made the announcement at a packed press conference at a star hotel here around noon today.

“I am extremely happy that the long-standing misunderstanding between us is over. I am glad that he (Rajashree) is sitting by my side today. He is my strength. We will try our best to shower love, affection, trust and care on each other,” a visibly elated Barsa Swony said.

The surprise announcement was made in the presence of Barsa’s parents, friends of the couple and office-bearers of the Barsa Swony Foundation, which apparently brokered the reunion.

“I am going to my in-laws house as a daughter. I hope my father-in-law and mother-in-law those would accept me as their daughter and will shower me with affection,” Barsa said.

For once, Rajashree dispensed with the frown on his face that has marked his numerous appearances on TV during the period of estrangement and happily posed for the prefect family picture, exchanging sweets with his wife and smiling all the way.

“It is a matter of great pleasure that we have reunited today. Whatever has happened today is with the consent of both the families. We have planned a get together in Balasore very soon where we will talk about it at length,” Rajashree said.

“It just goes to show that reunion after some misunderstanding is not impossible. It will be an example for others,” he added.

The only time Rjashree looked a little diffident was when he was questioned about the impact of the reunion on the political career of his father.

“Raghu Babu has been largely accepted by the people of Balasore. Until they reject us, we will continue to fight for them,” was all he was willing to say on the subject.

Sources said the Barsa Swony Foundation, which Barsa herself had formed to support tortured and downtrodden women in the state, had taken the initiative to resolve the long-standing misunderstanding between them.

Barsa’s father, who was present on the occasion, thanked the Foundation for its initiative. “First of all, I would like thank Barsa Swony Foundation and its members like Pradosh Patnaik and Dilip Hali. Parents always want their daughter to live a happy married life. We will try to forget the past and have blessed them for their future,” he said.

Moments after the press conference, Barsa updated her profile on Facebook, posting a picture of herself with Rajashree.