18 years on, challenges still remain for BJD government

Bhubaneswar: BJD government today completed four years of its fourth term, and party president & Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik highlighted the achievements of the Odisha government and his party during its 18-year rule.

While Naveen credited his government’s success to the 3Ts (Transparency, Teamwork, Technology) ‘mantra’ and urged party workers and officials to work with 3Ds (Determination, Dedication and Devotion); here are a few challenges which still remain to be tackled by the party in the final lap of its current term.

Challenges in the Fifth Year of the Fourth Term

  1. Putting a cap on increasing cases of violence against women and taking steps to address deteriorating law and order in State
  2. Checking corruption in government projects and especially involvement of party leaders
  3. Amid allegations of corrupt PC (percentage commissioning) practice, ensuring successful implementation of welfare schemes and making sure that the benefits of new schemes announced ahead of 2019 polls reach people
  4. Fulfilling all the promises made in the 2014 election manifesto
  5. Maintaining coordination between various departments, district administration

Challenges Ahead of the 2019 General Elections

  1. Effective distribution of tickets during election and managing the disgruntled lot
  2. Rooting out differences and resolving disagreements and conflicts among party leaders in all districts
  3. Putting a lid on growing resentment against some of legislators and parliamentarians
  4. To chalk out strategies to counter the aggressive Opposition
  5. To retain brand image of Naveen Patnaik, party’s biggest asset

“There may be some differences between leaders, but when it becomes a party affairs everyone is loyal and CM Naveen commands unquestioned loyalty of every party member,” said Labour Minister, Susanta Singh.

Susanta Singh

Senior journalist, K Rabi on the other hand said that it would be a daunting task for the BJD to tackle the leaders who have already lost their image in their constituencies and give tickets to new members.