15 tribal girls brought back from Chennai

Rourkela: At least 15 tribal girls of remote Bamadega village in Sundargarh were brought back here from their work place in a Chennai factory where they had been taken on promise of jobs with hefty salary.

Official sources said today the girls were taken to Chennai in past one month after having imparted stiching skills in a training centre of the Rural Development and Employment mission, Government of India in Sundargarh district headquarters town, 110 km from here.

The girls were assured by the private firm that they would be provided Rs 3,500 monthly salary at Bhubaneswar and later were taken to Chennai by a placement agency, the sources said.

The girls alleged that they were ill-treated and asked to work for 12-hours daily by standing, provided poor quality food and kept in a small room during night and the plight continued despite several pleas to the manager of the company.

The girls were taken back after two daughters of one Md. Belal Husssain, having accompanied others to Chennai, secretly wrote a letter to Hussain and he rushed to Chennai with others.

Hussain later returned with all 15 girls of his village and formally apprised the Congress MLAs from Talsara and Sundergarh, Praful Majhi and Jogesh Singh respectively and the Superintendent of Police, Deepak Kumar about the development and condition of the girls.

Sundargarh district administration and district labour department sources said the plight of the girls was not known earlier but the rescued girls and their parents have now highighted the condition of other girls.

The families said the number of such girls could be in the region of 800 from Sundargarh district alone, working in different areas in Chennai.