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Villagers worship corpse to infuse life

Nayagarh: In a bizarre incident, a 14-month-old dead child was dug out of grave and worshipped at Baunsiapada here.

The deceased identified as Anil died on January 4 due to some ailment. However, the uncle of Anil saw in dreams that the child was alive. The subsequent moment, he rushed to the spot and dug the corpse out of the graveyard hoping that the child was alive. The child was buried near Kusumi river.

As soon as the rumor spread that the child was not dead, scores of people thronged Anil’s place to witness the miracle.

Anil’s mother, his maternal and paternal grandmothers started worshipping the corpse anticipating that the child was alive.

“A decade ago, a child woke up from the pyre while his last rites were being performed. He is still alive and we believe Anil will also become alive,” Anil’s neighbour Baikunth Das said.

The superstition-stricken villagers offered prayers from morning till evening but the child did not wake up.

“As the body bore no injury and the corpse is still fresh, the villagers believe that the boy is alive. This is mere superstition,” a villager Biswamohan Mishra said.

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